We can’t deny the truth behind the good effect that an excellent massage can give. It can help you to feel good if you are stressed because of your study or work. It doesn’t only help your body and muscles to be ok but also it gives more time to heal those mental and emotional aspects our being. Whether you are having trouble with your CA digestive health or respiratory system, it would be a great relief if you would have this at least once a month. 


Massage can help as well the proper circulation of blood and gives a bit of elaxation to our veins and root muscles. It is normal as well that we give our friends, or loved ones and even our family members some wonderful and relaxing massage. Even though we don’t know the real way to do it as long as they feel better that would help us to be even great sometimes. In this article, we will point out some of the proper steps in doing and giving someone a massage.  

  1. We heard about different kinds of massage when we go to the spa or when we try to figure out the best one that can ease the pain that you have. It is very good if you know some different types of massaging someone. Massage could be a good tool to relax your muscles or to ease your stressful day. You can learn some simple techniques like the right point and strokes in order to satisfy someone.  
  1. The common mistakes with those people who are doing massage as a type of job is that they focus sometimes with the money. They can’t distinguish that they are trying to press the bones not the muscles. This is a common mistake that they keep on doing because they don’t have proper trainings and ideas about it. It is very easy to locate and to know if you are pressing the bone and not the muscles.  
  1. There are people that they want a harder type of massage. It is important that you would give pressure to the muscles. But of course, it should not be too much pressure or exert too much force as it would not be healthy and good as it may cause bruises to the skin and muscles.  
  1. When you are massaging someone, it is nice that you are not doing or performing the action in a hurry. It should be something slowly and smoothly at the same time.  
  1. It is a professional thing to start with the neck of the person and the shoulder of him or her.  
  1. Give the back part of the person a good massage by rubbing gently. Followed by the leg and thigh part of the body. It is also included here the hands and fingers and don’t forget the feet part.  
  1. You need to end to the head or face massage.  
  1. It is nice also to talk to the clients or to the person you are massaging.